Affordable Homes For Sale In Park Shore Florida

December 28, 2018

Would you like to own a home in an expensive city in Florida? Perhaps you are relocating to the East Coast. You may have a job that has taken you into the Naples area, and you want to be right on the water. Park Shore real estate is a fantastic deal for people that are interested in either a condo or a luxury home that is near or on the water. These can be very expensive, priced in the millions of dollars, but there are ways that you can sometimes save money. The following information will make it possible for you to find exceptional deals in this community.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Park Shore

If you have never lived in Florida before, you should know that there are certain areas where you can purchase a home, and there will be a dock right outside. You can take your boat out into a waterway, and this will lead directly into the ocean. On the west coast of Florida, you can purchase homes at Park Shore that will allow you to do this. All you have to do is connect with the realtor, or sometimes even a seller on your own, and start submitting offers.

How Much Should You Expect To Actually Pay?

When you do search for these homes, you should not be surprised to see that the vast majority of them are over $1 million. In this particular area, they can approach and even exceed $5 million, based upon their size, location, and when they were built. Your realtor can show you comps on different properties that have sold recently that are similar in every aspect. Once you have this information, you can then consider submitting an offer to a seller that may be willing to cut you a special deal.

How Much Money Could You Actually Save?

The amount of money that you will inevitably could be six figures, sometimes more, especially if the house is extremely expensive. We have all seen reports of very expensive homes sold all of the nation that have dropped by millions of dollars. Although you may not be able to get such a special deal, you can definitely save quite a bit. If you do have the ability to access a couple million dollars, or if you can qualify for that type of mortgage, this is a location that you will absolutely love.

After you have successfully moved into your Park Shore home, you will be glad that you spent the extra time to research and find these special deals. More than likely, it will be with the help of a competent realtor that you will be able to find the offer that you are looking for. Some of them will the quick to respond, taking you up on the offer, whereas others may take quite a while. If your goal is to truly live in an affluent community with amazing shopping options such as Park Shore, and you can afford to do so, you will be able to find a special deal just for you.


November 2, 2008


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